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The Parker Freeze Dry line of commercial freeze dryers has a solution no matter your need. Whether you are looking to scale up from a countertop unit, or looking to exponentially increase your pounds of product per cycle, we can help you grow

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The three kinds of freeze dryers - rotary, manifold and tray - vary in size and material. The industrial machines are typically tray freeze dryers and can be hundreds of feet long, either vertically or horizontally oriented. Stainless steel is most commonly used because …

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The Labconco FDry-8L Freeze Dryer System is another premium-grade solution that makes it easy to freeze-dry your ice water hash. With cycle times as low as 6 hours (compared to 24 hours with conventional freeze dryers), this machine saves you time and effort

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Commercial Freeze Dryer; Accessories; Food; Order a Free Sample; Win a Freeze Dryer; Free Guide: Intro to Freeze Drying; Contact; Products. Home Freeze Dryers. Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers. Scientific/Lab Freeze Dryers. Commercial Freeze Dryers. Why Freeze Dry. Emergency Preparedness. Garden & Orchard. Food Storage. Healthy Living. Camping

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Freeze drying is the drying of an already frozen product in a vacuum below the triple point. The vacuum allows for a sublimation process facilitating the direct conversion of ice into vapor without any intermediate liquid stage. This results in an extremely gentle drying process preserving the product's shape, color, taste, and nutrients

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This small size freeze dryer from Harvest Right is a very useful appliance used for food preservation. Freeze drying food can undoubtedly be an excellent way for saving on your food waste and also saves on your budget for groceries. It is empowered with the expert technology of large and commercial freeze dryers right to your convenience at home

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EquipNet is the world’s leading provider of used freeze dryers. We carry freeze dryers in a variety of models and capacities. Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of industrial freeze drying systems from a number of respected OEMs, including FTS Systems, Labconco Corporation, and many others. If you don’t see the used freeze drying machine that you’re looking for, call one of our …

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Kemolo Freeze Dryer Co., Ltd. Kemolo started design and manufacture vacuum freeze dryers since 2005, and coming one of the biggest manufacturers of industrial scale freeze dryers nowadays with nice recognition by the users from 27 countries in the world. We …

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Dshow Machinery Co.,Ltd has independently developed and manufactured competitive mechanical transmission components, hydraulic components and other core components. It also supports the construction of large-scale modern casting and forging production base

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In production freeze dryers, steam sterilization (aka Steam-in-Place or SIP) is the preferred method. During freeze drying, dryers are under low pressures at low temperatures. The SIP cycle then subjects the freeze dryer to high pressure and high temperature

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Labconco 700201000 Free Zone Benchtop Freeze Dryer with Non-Coated Stainless Steel Coil, 2.5 L Capacity, -50 Degree C, North America Plug, 115V, 60 Hz, 14A 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 $7,348.14

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Our freeze-dryers are available for a wide range of materials—foods, nutraceuticals, bacteria, cosmetics, bio-fuels and beyond. Hudson Valley Lyomac manufactures Laboratory Freeze Dryers, Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers and Industrial Freeze Dryers. We also provide contract freeze drying and lab use for lyophilization cycle development

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Vacuum freeze dryer is widely used in medicine,pharmacy,biology research,chemical industry and food production etc. Goods are easier for long-term preservation after freezing-drying processing.They can... laboratory freeze dryer FD-10 Series The FD-10 Freezing Dryer is ideally designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality

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Industrial freeze-dryer (lyophilizer). Model СС-300 This device is designed for canning products by freeze-drying in vacuum. This method combines two well-known preservation methods – freezing and drying in …

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Industrial Freeze Dryer Freeze-drying involves removal of solvent such that the molecular structure of the active ingredient of the drug is least disturbed, thus providing a …

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All KEMOLO lyophilizers or freeze dryers are industrial scale. The series lyophilizer machine are suitable for all kinds of food, biological, part pharmaceutical lyophilization applications Freeze dryer

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If you are looking for economical and cutting-edge solutions in freeze drying, you can stop your search at GEM. We are a pioneering freeze dryer manufacturer in India, delivering high-end lyophilizer technology machines. Our dryers are best suited for food and chemical applications. List of specifications of our freeze dryer include –

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