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trying make my ownblack powder|survivalist forum

Dec 05, 2013 · Ok , watched youtube stuff and read as much as I can about making my own black powder (BP) I have ordered all the chem’s, and a ball mill from ebay ( WOW) It’s only a small ball mill, see through drum hexagonal type which is a quart in size

black powderfor self-reliance - part 1, by m.b. making

Oct 09, 2019 · As described below, I used a rock tumbler as a ball mill to accomplish this. Black powder consists of three primary components, measured by weight: Potassium nitrate (KNO3) – 75% by weight: an oxidizer, the KNO3 supplies oxygen for the reaction. Charcoal – 15% by weight: provides carbon and other fuel for the reaction

how to make aball mill: 12 steps (with pictures) -wikihow

Aug 10, 2020 · Ball mills are a special instrument used to break up hard solids into a fine powder. They are similar to rock tumblers in that the instrument is a rotating container filled with heavy balls to grind the substance into powder. Ceramic material, crystalline compounds, and even some metals can be ground up using a ball mill

make aball millin 5 minutes : 4 steps -instructables

Wiki says "A ball mill is a type of grinder used to grind materials into extremely fine powder for use in paints, pyrotechnics, and ceramics." Many instructables refer to United Nuclear Ball Mills. Their small ball mill cost between $70 and $80 dollars. For no more than $30 and in 5 minute you can build a ball mill of appreciable performance

black powdermanufacture - pyroguide

When the advantages of both CIA and ball milling are combined to manufacture black powder, the performance of the end product can reach or surpass commercial. While the CIA method - if properly executed - ensures a superior integration of potassium nitrate, the ball mill method is employed to intimately mix charcoal and sulphur

black powder-buffalo arms

Black powder for your black powder cartridge rifle, cowboy pistols & muzzle loaders. Swiss, Goex & Schuetzen black powder. Attention, there is a minimum black powder purchase quantity of 5 pounds per shipment. There is a maximum shipment amount of 25 pounds. We can ship two 25 pound shipments per person or address per day

safety of rebel/thumblers tumblerball mill- safety - apc

Sep 11, 2020 · PyroCat, milling black powder is inherently dangerous, but there are many ways to minimize risk of accident. I think your concern is valid, but it's just one of many things that can go wrong. Sometimes it has been suggested that if a mill jar of BP clumps, whack it with as stick to break it up

black powderround balls | cheaper than dirt

Stock up your favorite black powder supplies like round balls with the wide selection of items we have here at CheaperThanDirt.com. Most orders ship within 24 hours (excludes firearms). For the fastest delivery, select Express Shipping at checkout

ball millsforblack powder

ball mills for black powder - pizzastation. Black Powder Ball Mill For Sale Jaw Crusher , Ball mill is the key equipment for grinding after the crushing process, which is widely used in the manufacture industries, such as cement, silicate, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and glass ceramics and can be used for the dry and wet

how do you knowwhen your ball-milled black powder is

Apr 26, 2011 · Black powder cakes when it becomes very fine. I know when it's finished by the sound change from my ball mill. It's a "dry" media knocking sound, meaning no material is milled

gunpowderfacts, history and description

Jun 06, 2019 · To summarize, black powder consists of a fuel (charcoal or sugar) and an oxidizer (saltpeter or niter), and sulfur, to allow for a stable reaction. The carbon from the charcoal plus oxygen forms carbon dioxide and energy. The reaction would be slow, like a wood fire, except for the oxidizing agent. Carbon in a fire must draw oxygen from the air

how stable is black powder? |yahoo answers

Oct 17, 2007 · Black powder is about as stable as a flammable solid can get and that isn't very much. Static electricity can set it off. Your tumbler could generate enough to …

making black powder

When you open your mill, you should find an incredibly fine black/greyish powder. Sieve this to get the media of the mill out, and weigh it. In a separate container, place 75 grams of potassium nitrate for every 25 grams of charcoal/sulfur powder you have. Put the potassium nitrate in …

how to make all naturalblack powder

Step 1: Ball mill each of the ingredients separately. Step 2: Mix in the proper ratio of sulfur and charcoal. Step 3: Add isopropyl alcohol to charcoal/sulfur and mix thoroughly. Step 4: Measure 1/4 cup (40 ml) of water for every 1/2 cup (100 grams) of Saltpeter aka potassium nitrate in an old pan. Add your potassium nitrate. Bring to a boil

ball mill| pyrodata

Ball mills used to produce explosive mixtures such as black powder should never be operated inside buildings inhabited by people. They require a separate facility away from buildings and flammable substances and protected from the public with a suitable defence wall or barricade made of something with some mass to absorb possible fragments from the exploding ball mill

how to makegunpowder: 8 steps (with pictures) -wikihow

Oct 08, 2020 · "The longer the Ball Mill runs, the stronger the Black Powder will be. A general rule of thumb for all pyrotechnic mixtures is " the finer the powder is, the faster it will burn ". Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Advertisement. Submit a Tip All tip submissions …

black powder

Ball mill black powder outdoors. I have made my own mill - but I didn't make it until I understood about mills. I learned about them by buying a cheap one and working with it for a while. If you decide to make your own, think about selecting a continuous duty ~1750 rpm motor as the drive (rpm specifications on motors may vary depending on your

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